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Purry Furries is Now Shipping! 2009-02-02 7:43:25 AM

In the coming weeks you will be able to find Purry Furries on the shelves of most adult video stores in your area. If your local store doesn't carry it, ask them to pick it up or if you absolutely can not wait, visit the Purry Furries video store to order your copy.

If you would like to order a copy and pay using other methods not listed at the store, contact me and I will set you up with the information.

If enough people like Purry Furries, there will definitely be more on the way. Ideally there will be a series of Purry Furries titles, all covering different species. Visit the Purry Furries Furry Love page to get an idea of what species will be represented.

Also, feel free to send me feedback, good or bad, I like to hear it all!

More Purry Furries action is on the way as we continue to spread the word.

I am really looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds, good times ahead :D
Freaky Steve


Superfluous Link: Purry Furries Video Store

Purry Furries on Wikifur! 2009-01-20 9:27:17 AM
It would seem that the fandom for Purry Furries is growing :D
Purry Furries now has an entry in Wikifur!

There is a decent amount of information in the article, considering how new the entry is, and it is definitely a great start to what could become a comprehensive secondary resource on the subject of Purry Furries. Either that, or it will get edited out since I know there are also some Purry Furry haters out there too.

Take a look at Purry Furries on Wikifur here...

Get the Best Furry Goodies at Yiffy International 2009-01-05 2:15:26 PM
A special thanks goes out to Yiffy International for their support of our efforts. Although we would love it if you never left this site, we do know there is other stuff out there for the furry fan, so if you are looking for one of the coolest sites to get your furry fix from, Yiffy International has it all!

Yiffy International is loaded with tons of awesome features for furry fans. The site is completely free and is a great community and hub for many, many furry related goodies.

Yiffy International has been a big supporter of Purry Furries and we want to pass along our appreciation :D

Thx YI!

Superfluous Link: Yiffy International

Happy New Year from Purry Furries 2009-01-01 4:22:29 PM
Happy New Year from Purry Furries and Freaky Steve. Hopefully this will be the year of the cat ;)

The Pussies Are Coming!!! 2008-12-29 2:39:30 PM
The official Purry Furries press release is now being distributed. You will soon be reading about Purry Furries at all of your favourite news sources for adult news and furry news.

You can also just read it here :D

Superfluous Link: Purry Furries Official Press Release

Countdown To the Purry Furries DVD 2008-12-22 10:57:52 AM
Okay, so the exact shipping date is still to be determined for the Purry Furries DVD, but rest assured it will be out for the start of 2009. We will post availability information as soon as we know it. In the meantime...

In addition to cutting out some promotional clips, we also have pulled a series of frames from all of the scenes on the Purry Furries DVD. So if you can't wait to get your fill of lesbian catgirl sex, then we have a solution :)

Everyday here at Purry Furries HQ, we will be posting a new image from the videos. Be sure to bookmark us since you won't want to miss a single frame!

We will also be adding some Purry Furries goodies including wallpapers, slideshows, Flash widgets and any other cool things we can conjure up.

The fun continues!!!

Purry Furries Shipping In Early 2009 2008-12-22 9:18:57 AM
Hooray! It's done and off to the distributor!

Shipping early 2009, Purry Furries will be available online and on retail shelves near you! More info about the disc, the scenes, the stars and more will be coming shortly.

Stay tuned!

Naked Lesbian Catgirl Pictures 2008-12-07 9:51:43 PM
More pics are on the way! You'll notice in the gallery list some new galleries popping up very soon. Lots of hot catgirl-on-catgirl action is coming right up including:

Purry Jasmine in her pink cheetah outfit doing some dirty things with a pink dildo

Action shots from the video with Jasmine and Orion

Lesbian catgirl sex featuring Monika Maple and Jasmine Jade as a pair of hot domestic felines who are all about pussy!

The feline fun continues!

Purry Furries Moving Forward 2008-12-01 6:52:53 PM
We're moving along very nicely. The site is gradually getting up to speed, there are new photos and more are on the way.

We will also be launching a couple of complimentary sites once things get rolling, but there will be more news on that front very soon.New goodies and special announcements are all on the horizon.

Wait until you see what we have coming up, it's awesome!

Stay tuned!

Purry Furries Scene #1 - Cheatah and Bengal Catgirls 2008-11-09 7:58:22 PM
This is an awesome scene featuring two hot wildcats who get into some nice girl-on-girl action featuring Jasmine Jade fucking her naughty little catgirl friend with a strap-on.

We shot the scene in addition to behind the scenes photos and extra video ;)

This scene features Jasmine Jade as a pink cheatah in her skimpy, frilly lingerie with a long slim tail and cute furry ears. Miss Orion makes her debut as a grey bengal with an awesome latex mask and full-size tail that also takes a full-size dildo in her pierced pussy.

Hot catgirl-on-catgirl action with Purry Jasmine giving squirmy Purry Orion the full tongue treatment before giving her a pussy workout with her strap-on.

Purry Furries Lesbian Catgirl Video

Purry Furries Lesbian Catgirls DVD

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