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Furverts Unite!

Purry Furry Love

Sure life is furry and you are furry and proud, but it's also okay to sport some fur and shag! Fursona fucking is nothing new to the fandom, we just want to let people know that it's fun to get freaky with your furries, trust us there is stuff out there that is far more weird than furry sex!

Yiff it up and show your love of furry sex. You can link to Purry Furries using the code snippets below.

Purry Furry Love - Feline
Purry Furry Love - Canid
Purry Furry Love - Lagomorph
Purry Furry Love - Mustelid
Purry Furry Love - Rodent
Purry Furry Love - Ursine

Feline - Representing all cats, big and small
Canid - Representing all dogs, big and small plus foxes, wolves, coyotes, et. al.
Lagomorph - Representing bunnies, rabbits, hares, et. al.
Mustelid - Representing carniverous creatures including raccoons, badgers, otters, et. al.
Rodent - Representing all small creatures including mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, et. al.
Ursine - Representing all bears big and small

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Furry Love

It's that simple :D

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